Historically Significant Structures Inc. , a 501c3
a non profit corporation dedicated to the restoration of Execution Rocks Lighthouse 
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Historically Significant Structures, Inc is a federal and state non-profit organization approved by the federal government as a 501 ( c ) 3 to accept charitable donations.

OLD CORPORATE MISSION: To obtain historic lighthouse properties available to nonprofit organizations through the National Historic Preservation Act of 2000.(NHLPA) P.L.. 106-355.

New Mission Statement:

­­­­Inspired by a passion for the preservation of lighthouses, Historically Significant Structures, Inc. was established to restore and preserve Execution Rocks Light Station, to operate a historical destination for the public to enjoy, and to educate children and adults about maritime heritage and culture.


President: Craig W. Morrison
Vice-President: seeking new one now
Treasurer: Linell M. Lukesh, Esq.
Secretary: Robert Creamer

Our Board members are from many walks of life. All have at least one thing in common: a passion for the preservation of lighthouses.