How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost? Find #1 Local Crew In New York

Jul 29, 2022 | News

Sudden water damage can create a lot of headaches for homeowners. More often than not, we won’t be able to tell there’s trouble brewing before it’s too late. Hence, we should leave a few bucks aside for such scenarios. Any water damage calls for prompt action; otherwise, the domino effect will continue to stack. Thus, we might face several issues at once, like mold, stains, rot, rust, etc. 

The list of possible causes includes plumbing problems, overflowing baths, and the weather itself. Either way, we should act quickly and call a professional. But, how much does water damage restoration cost? 

On average, it can cost you about $1,200 to $5,000 to restore water damage. However, the cost will depend on the type of water damage in question and its severity. Naturally, the prices go up with the more square feet you want to cover.

In this article, we will break down water damage restoration costs and also go over aspects that determine these costs. Also, we’ll share some basic tips as to how to identify what you’re dealing with in time. Here are the details.

Type Of Water Damage Or Mold Growth

The cost of water damage restoration will depend mainly on the three categories of water damage, which include:

  1. Clean Water

This is water damage from rainwater, broken pipes, and overflowing sinks. Although this type of water damage has no serious health risks, it is good to respond to it before the risk gets severe. 

  1. Gray Water

Typically, gray water is wastewater without fecal matter contamination coming from your bathtub, sinks, and showers. Broken or overflowing pipes can also cause greywater flooding. This type of water damage can saturate furnishings, carpeting, and drywall.

  1. Black Water

This is wastewater contaminated with pathogens, toxins, and human waste. Black water mainly comes from broken sewage pipes, flush toilets, and bidets. It’s also good to know that this type of water damage is a haven for harmful pathogens and bacteria. As such, you should not wait before enlisting a water restoration service at all.

The Extent of the Damage, The Restoration Process & Affected Area

Given how tricky it can be to spot these issues in the first place, one might discover the full extent after quite some time. Naturally, this implies a larger damaged area and higher restoration costs. For instance, a leaking roof will only require a small patch to fix the leakage. However, things can get a lot messier in case of a clogged pipe which develops chemical or fecal matter.

Similarly, if the carpeting or the furniture were not affected by leakage, the restoration will only require a simple clean-up. In contrast, if the leaking water seeps into the surrounding areas, then the extent of the water damage will quickly multiply. This usually happens during flooding, burst pipe, leaky roof and harmful contaminants. This causes structural damage.

Keeping such factors in mind, here are some approximations.

How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost? Repair Water Damaged Drywall Today

Though they might not apply to all cases, the following sums are general guidelines so you can do a basic summary. In other words, these are some typical restoration costs:

  • Fixing a small area in a ceiling damaged by water due to a leaking roof can cost you $100-$300. Yet, the total damage restoration cost per square foot depends on how big is the damaged area. As for an average, expect to pay around $0.25 per square ft. However, fixing and replacing a damaged water pipe can add sums in the ballpark of $5,000 to $7,000.
  • The cost for drying a flooded basement can range from $5,000 to $10,000. Nonetheless, it will depend on its size, the flooding depth, and the type of contaminants.
  • In case of natural floods, you can contact the Natural Flood Insurance Program to provide a flood damage simulator. In such a case, the total cost is based on the water height. For one to four inches, the cost is $7,800. Similarly, for nine to 12 inches, the cost is $18,930, and at 18 inches, the estimated cost is $26,285.

Additional Costs 

These additional costs include the installation of a whole house system, shut-off system, or a water alarm which helps in preventing future damages. A simple alarm can cost you $10 to$ 115, while you can get basic shut-off systems for $50 to $150.

DIY Considerations

In case you’re not facing a fully-developed situation, you can look at water damage restoration as a DIY project. So, if you don’t need to replace the flooring or sheetrock, proceed to find the source and fix it using utility tools. Thus, resort to this action only if you’re dealing with minor water damage. You can check out our blog to read Water Damage Restoration Tips everyone must know.

Factors to Consider During Water Damage Restorations 

Before starting the water damage restoration operations, you should turn off the power. Be careful when doing so, and wearing rubber boots at all times is necessary. Also, if you have just moved to a new home, it’s best to leave it to the pros. Furthermore, wood, plaster, or other materials that absorb and retain water must be dried, sanitized, or removed.

Lastly, a restoration company must adhere to the guidelines of the Cleaning and Restoration Certification or the Restoration Industry Association. For instance, they should use water sensors like probes or infrared tools to determine the cause or the source of the problem and the damage extent. Hence, ensure to explain your predicament in detail to the service provider. Explain when did you notice the damage, did it happen overnight, if it is visible on the outer walls, are there any bad smells, etc. Also, describe any previous incidents of a similar scale and which steps you took then. Lastly, inquire about how soon they can start working and their asking prices per square foot.

Final Thoughts: Get The Best Water Damage Rates Per Square Foot In New York City

As discussed in the article, water damage comes along with numerous hazards. Therefore, the process of water damage restoration is a hefty endeavor that will lighten up your pocket. One of the best water damage restoration companies, will serve you at the best.

To understand the actual cost, you should consider the type of water damage and the extent of the damage. Generally, issues comprising flooding and a broken pipe can amount to a total of $10,000 to $15,000. Unfortunately, this estimation can quickly skyrocket if you fail to act soon.


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