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Fire Damage Restoration in Long Island

Long Island is a congested area to live in. There are new buildings coming up almost every other day. However, it is possible to incur natural or man-made fires at any point. There is no telling when you may incur such a loss and disaster. The damage can be extensive when you have to deal with a fire. The biggest challenge in such a situation is gaining control over the fire and ensuring that it does not cause too much fire damage. If the fire department does not get control over the fire, it is likely that the fire can spread to other buildings and create further havoc. 

You need licensed professionals for fire damage cleanup in Long Island because of the expanse of work involved in these tasks. It is not always possible for the people who have incurred such a loss to take care of these things on their own. This is particularly true when they have suffered such a loss of property and possessions. The quick and efficient services of Lighthouse Restorations are relied upon for fire damage restoration services. Our team of experts work with technique and professionalism to help you in such a difficult time of your life.

Fire Damage Restoration

How does Lighthouse Restoration restore fire damage?

There can be a lot of complications when you have to deal with filling out paperwork for fire restoration. When you have dealt with so much loss and shock, you do not want to fill out a million forms or even be on the phone going through your experience again and again. This is where Lighthouse Restoration comes into the picture. At Lighthouse Restoration, there is also a procedure for carrying out their fire damage restoration services

1) Assessment: This is the first step that will allow you to take stock of the situation at hand. It will also allow you to understand how to better the situation before you can start restoring it. Planning the restoration is the only way forward to making the building usable and safe again. The assessment will take stock of the extent of the damage and the different ways you can approach it to take care of it. The Lighthouse Restoration team will also rely on this assessment to chalk out a detailed plan to get your building or home back in the best shape it can. Before you can start restoring, you need a professional cleaning to ensure you are not building again on a damaged structure.

2) Debris Removal: This is the most time- taking and tedious part of the fire restoration process. Fire damage cleanup and fire damage repair will ensure that the building is cleared up of smoke, soot, debris and other dust particles. Gaining control of the fire does take some time and leaves a lot of debris behind. There could be many hazardous objects that could be left behind in a fire. Objects can combust and give out many chemicals. These can be a health hazard. They need to be disposed of correctly, so as to not cause any more harm. Lighthouse Restoration uses vacuums and other professional- grade equipment to help you out.


3) Smoke Removal: Smoke is the biggest reason for the accumulation of debris after a fire. Even if the damage is not a lot, smoke does stay in the building for quite some time. You will have to remove it with the help of fire damage cleanup and fire damage repair with Lighthouse Restoration. The smoke from the fire will accumulate everywhere and create soot. It will be everywhere- on the walls, all your possessions, everywhere. It may not be possible for you to clean all this up on your own. When the fire is being put out, the water mixes with the smoke and gets accumulated in the building. This is why you need professional help with it. 

4) Drying: This step will come towards the end. Once everything has been cleaned up, you need to give the property time to dry up. Without the structure being dry, it will not be possible for you to restore or build on anything without it. Drying focuses more on objects that were not directly affected by the fire too much. However, it is possible that they may be affected by the soot and smoke. Once the water has dried after cleaning, the base can be laid down for reconstruction.

5) Structural Restoration: This is the process to acknowledge the damage done and the ways in which you can get the property back into the best possible shape. It may not always be possible for the building to go back exactly how it was. However, more than focusing on getting the building back to the way it used to be, the damage has to be removed from the structure. You may have to remove a part of the building, if it gets too damaged. Within the building, it is important to check the foundation of it. It needs to be worked on first to check whether or not the building is habitable and fit for use again.


These are some basic steps that are involved in the fire damage restoration process. It is important you know all the steps that are involved in the face of such emergencies. Knowing what is going to happen next may calm you down when you are in such an emergency. 



This is the standard procedure to deal with fire damage restoration at Lighthouse Restoration. However, we take every case on its needs and requirements. We understand that this is a very tough moment in your life and we are here every step of the way. We have been in the business for over 30 years. It is our experience that people have faith in and we deliver onto our promise every time.   



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