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Fire Damage Restoration 

Fire Damage Restoration

Disaster does not knock on your door before coming into our lives. It just bulldozes its way in and we have to be prepared for such possibilities in our life. Yes, it is difficult to have. However, this is where Lighthouse Restorations comes into the picture.

We do not want you to worry about any such possibilities in your life when you can opt for our efficient and life-saving services. From what had started as a mold removal company, Lighthouse Restorations has branched its services into other avenues as well like water damage restoration. Fire damage restoration is where the company aims to make its mark.  

Recovering from natural and man-made fires can be a difficult process. You need a reliable company that has the experience to deal with fire damage restoration. In such unpredictable situations, you will need a company that can provide you with all the possible solutions under one roof. Controlling fire damage can be tricky. This is where Lighthouse Restorations comes into the picture. We work hard and fast to ensure you have the best services for fire damage cleanup and fire damage repair.

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How can Lighthouse Restorations help you with fire damage?

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Fire damage restoration services need to be efficient. Fire can cause a lot of destruction in a matter of minutes. You do not want to wait around for a middleman or an answering service in such a time of despair. There are many benefits that Lighthouse Restorations provides you with that are the need of the hour.

1) Quick Action: Fire can really cause a lot of damage. More importantly, it can be a traumatizing experience for everyone involved in such a disaster. You may not be in the condition to clear up or know exactly what to do. Lighthouse Restorations will step in here and take care of every aspect of the fire damage cleanup and fire damage repair. The quicker you are able to start the process, the lesser damage you are likely to incur. It is not easy to recover property, materials and other such things from a fire. Quicker response time is where Lighthouse Restorations can shine.

Even if you have the fire under control, the water, smoke and soot that is left can damage the property and compromise its structural integrity. Cleaning all these things up and preventing your property from irreparable damage. Every fire is different. There is no one way of treating them. This is why you need experts to come in and help you in such a stressful time.

2) Prevent further damage: There is no clear path where a fire will go and what kind of damage it will do. When you have the fire, you will need to take a good stock of the kind of damage that has happened. This will help you analyze the damage and chart a course for the path to the repair fire damage in your home or any other property. The residual water that will get accumulated in your property that was used to put the fire out can also cause a lot of damage to the property. There may be corners where the fire may still not be out. While the fire department will take care of that, Lighthouse Restoration experts focus on covering all aspects of the fire for you. This is to make sure that we have not left any stone uncovered. You never know what you may find with fire, which is the actual challenge altogether.

3) Smoke and debris removal: There is an overwhelming amount of smoke that will settle and get accumulated as soot and ash on your property. It is difficult to get this soot out if not cleaned professionally. Lighthouse Restorations specializes in cleaning up fire damage. The smoke, dust, debris, broken up parts of the property all can contribute to this mess. All these need to be cleaned up before you can have any restoration work done. When water is mixed with this soot and remains on the floor, it can cause a lot more damage because of the unstable chemicals and smoke mixing with an already damaged floor and property.

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4) Water removal: Before you can start working on restoring the building and making up for the possessions you have lost, you need to ensure that the structure is stable enough to work on or even enter again. You cannot let the water stay for too long in the building. It may cause irreparable damage to the building. In such a situation, you may have to remove a portion or even the entire building altogether. Lighthouse Restorations will at least give you a chance to minimize this damage and recover most parts of your building. Water damage follows these stages:

5) Deep cleaning and deodorizing: Deep cleaning the entire building and removing as many damaged parts and possessions as possible. This will be a tedious job and you will need experts to help you with this task. There will be some damage that will not be repairable and you may not always know how to get rid of those objects. More importantly, it is possible that this may be a traumatic and difficult experience for you to experience. However, the damaged objects still need to be removed. Our cleaning products and services will also help you get rid of the smoke smell. This will help you get back some semblance of your home again.

You will need our expertise and prompt services to remove these objects carefully. We understand how difficult this experience may be for you and our experts are there to cater to your needs.

These are some of the functions and services that you will get when you opt for Lighthouse Restoration’s fire damage restoration services.  

The aim of our fire damage restoration services is to ensure to remove all evidence of the fire. To remove and clean up all the damage you may have incurred. It is difficult to remove the soot, smoke and water that is accumulated in your home. The walls will become black and will leave a layer of heavy smoke and smells. It is likely that you would have experienced some kind of damage or loss of possessions. You may not be in the best state to deal with this damage. More importantly, you may not be equipped to clean up such a mess or damage of this nature. 

Lighthouse Restoration’s team works to identify areas of any hidden damage and structural repairs. You need these areas to be stain, smoke and soot free. However, you need to identify any areas of hidden fires and faulty wires that have been damaged in the fire. You need our company’ expertise and services to get done with this efficiency. If the fire has damaged a home, you would need a team that works quickly. You need the restoration and repairs done as fast as possible. 

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