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Thai entrepreneurs are exploring business opportunities offered by the new Vientiane Logistics Park and its Thanaleng Dry Port. Short supply coupled with high demand has sent prices for the flowers soaring per cent to 1, baht per kilogram. The high demand for seaside condominium units in Hua Hin town has driven the land price of plots along the beach to as high as million baht per rai 0. In , 12 young footballers and their coach were trapped by rising water in the twisted depths of Tham Luang cave, triggering a drama that drew worldwide attention.

Three Google employees were injured and taken to a nearby hospital after an apparent electrical explosion. Before you can even start searching for a new home, you first need to zero in on your homebuying budget.

Whether you’re considering opening a Roth IRA or if you’re already using one, it never hurts to understand how it can affect your overall retirement plans. Despite their popularity, credit cards can be confusing.

We answer your most frequently asked questions to help you understand how credit cards work and maximize their value. Swimply lets private pool owners rent them by the hour, while helping people beat the heat.

Other tech industry bellwethers are also trimming jobs as they brace for slower consumer spending. Hype around nonfungible tokens is starting to fade, but some buyers say they have no regrets. Retail giant claims “bad actors” on Facebook are recruiting people to post phony reviews about products sold on Amazon. New schemes are proliferating just as enforcers are making headway in reducing illegal robocalls, consumer watchdog finds.

The athlete and icon suggested that she’s planning to retire in a new Vogue essay published on Tuesday. Under the Presidential Records Act, documents sent and received as president must be preserved. Afghans hoping to come to the U. But U. Taiwan says China’s ongoing war games reveal Beijing’s broader intentions to control the region.

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That’s kind of what it’s worth,” says restaurant owner Jenna Petersiel. You don’t have to work for Uber or Lyft to make money using your car. Instead, just wrap it in ads. Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer craft a scaled-back version of the economic package thwarted by Manchin last year. Workers who move k s into IRAs can lose significant money to a choice they didn’t have to make, new analysis shows.

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CBS News has obtained a draft report that indicates COVID restrictions in the classroom having to do with testing and social distancing could soon be eased. While not final, the recommendations could also lift quarantine recommendations for those exposed to the virus, whether they are vaccinated or not.

Nancy Chen reports. The general tasked with defending the key port city of Mykolaiv is bracing for a counter offensive against Russia, and he needs all the American help he can get. Mikey Allen’s remote castle in Wales is a monument to the power of the human mind to overcome trauma, and a temple for others to do the same.

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Gayle King looks back at her life and legacy. It has driven only 18 miles, but what a ride it has been. Michelle Miller has more. The attack is the latest to target a crypto bridge. In a state where every drop of water counts, ornamental grass — which accounts for a large percentage of outdoor water use — has been banned in Southern Nevada, just one step being taken to address rising temperatures and shriveling reservoirs.

In a state where every drop of water counts, ornamental grass — which accounts for a large percentage of outdoor water use — has been banned in Southern Nevada. Correspondent Tracy Smith talks with climate and water experts about the steps being taken or not to address rising temperatures; and with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson about the lack of urgency he says is hampering humanity’s ability to counter this existential threat to our planet.

Four rockets were launched from Earth on Thursday. Among them was a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket carrying a missile warning satellite into orbit for the Space Force. Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin launched six people briefly into space, including Vanessa O’Brien, the first woman to complete the Explorers’ Extreme trifecta.

The sisters’ great-aunt has called the deaths an “honor killing,” in which a woman is murdered by a relative to protect her family’s honor. The children died from smoke inhalation.

The children, ages 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6, were either sleeping or passed out when officers pulled them from the car, police said. All were hospitalized. Cedric Dent served more than 20 years for the killing in New Orleans, but an advocacy group’s investigation turned up significant issues with his trial. Etienne Klein apologized for misleading some Twitter followers with his “scientist’s joke.

South Korea’s first moon mission will search for ice in permanently shadowed polar craters. It was the sixth crewed flight of Blue Origin’s New Shepard sub-orbital spacecraft. Learn how to easily create a custom form in Airtable—no coding required. You might know how to use Microsoft Flash Fill to create new content, but you might not know that you can use this feature to parse characters across several rows.

Jack Wallen shows you the extra steps you need to take to get Windows 11 running as a virtual guest on VirtualBox. This comprehensive project management and Scrum terminology cheat sheet provides a detailed overview of Scrum and Scrum terms, events, roles and artifacts.

This guide explores what Python is used for, how it compares to other programming languages and developer resources for building skills in Python. Ticketing data is key to gaining insight into on-call operations and uncovering opportunities to improve productivity, according to a new report from Dimensional Research and Shoreline.

Scammers pretend to be highly skilled computer professionals and establish trust with their victim in order to obtain money or installation of fraudulent software.



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