Most Common Water Damage Emergencies: Facts To Know Before Taking Water Damage Restoration Services

Aug 5, 2022 | News

If it often occurs at a significant rate, then the simple answer is yes, it can. So many people downplay the subtle effects of water damage until it becomes a huge issue that would cost a fortune to fix. Furthermore, these damages can cause unwanted disruptions to your everyday lives and family budget. 

Water damage can be particularly harmful because it is considered a universal solvent; it can dissolve substances more than any other liquid. Water damage can be a massive headache for any household, so when you fix your roofs and walls, ensure you make plans to address early symptoms of water damage too. 

If you wait too long to address the issue, the damage will only worsen and cost you more money. Water can cause damage to your home in many ways; here are some examples below.

  1. Structural or Property Damage 

The extent of structural damage to your home will depend mainly on the amount of water collected in specific areas. When exposed to sufficient water, drywalls can deteriorate, and the subfloor may even split or warp. In situations like this, you may need to replace the affected areas completely.

Similarly, strong materials used in building foundations like concrete or masonry can absorb water through their cracks and pores. If this situation remains unchecked and water stays too long in specific areas, your property can soak up enough water to weaken it. 

  1. Loss of Property Value   

Signs of water damage are incredibly difficult to hide. They’ll find subtle ways to pop their ugly heads out whenever an inspector comes around. Even if you attempt to paint over or patch up the affected areas, they remain easy to detect.

Also, if water damages linger, it can trigger an unpleasant smell that would likely drive potential buyers away. 

  1. Mildew and Mold Growth 

Damp and humid places are the perfect habitats for mildew and mold. Mold and Mildew growth are common problems in most homes, and water damage problems will only worsen them. You’ll quickly find them growing in bathrooms, the basement, and on the walls. The presence of mold in homes can be difficult to control, and you need to employ the services of home restorers to get rid of them. The people at Lighthouse Restoration do fine work when it comes to dealing with water damage in homes. 

  1. Stained Walls and Floors 

When water gathers in specific areas of your home, its flow and movement into the walls leave noticeable traces. These markings become huge unappealing stains that will make your home less desirable.  

Please pay proper attention to your home’s plumbing and foundation to avoid these situations. Also, contact a professional plumber to help fix any issue that you may be having with your plumbing. Or you can altogether avoid the problem by fixing small leaks that may arise from time to time. 

  1. Electrical And Wiring Damages

In a modern home, construction engineers hide wirings and gas lines in walls or under the ground. While this may be convenient, it is easy to overlook them when you carry out regular home checks. Flood damage can cause them to break and malfunction and, in turn, bring up new problems for your home. 

Furthermore, once electrical systems become compromised by water, parts like electrical boxes, wirings, and outlets become unsafe. You’ll need a professional hand to get them fixed or replaced. You’ll find electrical damage caused by water in kitchen appliances, dryers, washing machines, and furnaces. 

  1. Damage To Personal Properties   

Water can cause further damage to your personal belongings just as easily as it can slowly damage structures. The most likely culprits are photographs, personal documents, electronics, books, and more. 

However, if you promptly call in the services of water damage experts, you can easily prevent these damages and save your belongings. 

  1. Unappealing Home Environment

If you have a thing for interior decorations, then you do not want water damage near your home. Regardless of how good your designs may be, those water stains on the walls will not go away no matter how hard you try. These stains will be unappealing and detract your visitors from the beautiful interior work you have in your home. And this does not even include the smell coming from wet areas. 

  1. Health Dangers 

When water constantly floods significant areas of your home or business, there’s always a heightened risk of bacteria infection. This situation may arise when you allow water damage to linger longer than usual. Soon, toxins will begin to gather in your furniture, carpets, and HVAC systems. If allowed to breed unchecked, these bacteria and microbes can trigger respiratory challenges and other serious health risks in the people living in your home. 

  1. Bug Infestation 

You may have noticed in your home that bugs love moisture. Waterlogged areas of your home create the perfect habitat and breeding ground for mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, beetles, and spiders. Furthermore, dying bugs and eggs will attract even more bugs to these areas. This risk of infestation is perhaps why bacteria and health hazards are the most dangerous effects of water damage in homes. 

Concluding About Water Damage Restoration Process

As you may have figured, when standing water damage occurs in your house or business place, it makes sense to get it fixed as soon as possible. Doing this will help you avoid the harmful effects of water damage. Also, you’ll save more on cleaning and restoration costs. 

If you are experiencing any of the abovementioned problems, don’t hesitate to contact water damage restoration companies to help you as soon as possible. One water damage repair company you can trust for swift and quality repair is Lighthouse Restorations, it is one of the best restoration and insurance company.  

Lighthouse Restorations is a certified water damage repair company serving areas like Buffalo, Long Island, NY, Queens, New York City, and Rochester, NY. They specialize in water damage repairs, water extraction, water restoration process, mold removal, and home remodeling using sump pump. They provide their services to both commercial and residential customers. 


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