Here’s What To Know Before Getting Water Damage Restoration Service? Most Common Water Damage Emergencies

Aug 3, 2022 | News

Water is an indispensable commodity in everyday living. It can be life-giving as well as a destructive force with serious health risks, as in the case of emergency water damage. Thus, if we rank all home-prone potential disasters, water damage likely takes the number one or two spots. 

According to water damage statistics and the environmental protection agency, up to 14,000 people in the US experience water damage from varying causes daily.

Below are four of the most prevalent causes of emergency water damage in 2022:

#1. Severe Weather

We cannot control severe weather conditions that cause emergency water damage. It may not often happen for everyone. However, people living in areas prone to severe weather are at risk of emergency water damage striking at any time.

In this vein, hurricanes and thunderstorms are a perfect recipe for water damage. They can damage the roof and forcefully open entrances like windows to let water in. 

Winds and downpours of lesser intensity can also easily take advantage of lapses in roofing, open windows, and other openings to cause leaking and water damage. 

For example, water leaking on your roof can cause some to pool. This pool can cause your ceiling to sag after a while. It can also encourage mold growth. Severe weather can also sometimes lead to flash flooding, which requires emergency water removal.

When faced with a leaking roof, you may need professional help. Experts determine why and how to fix it before it becomes more damaged.

Floods, however, require immediate attention. Firstly, turn off the electricity, assess the water damage, carry out emergency water removal and move any valuable items affected.

#2. Leaks

A very common cause of emergency water damage is leaky plumbing. 

If a pipe is not properly fitted or loose, it can cause leaks. With time and accumulation, this can cause what is beneath damage. 

Pipes can also break off unexpectedly in walls increasing complications from wall damage and mold colonies. 

A worse scenario is a leaking water supply line or drainage pipe.

Another instance of leaking is from washing machines. They receive water from supply lines that are under pressure. This is an issue if the supply lines are from PVC or rubber. These materials easily rupture, causing a surge of water if not shut off promptly. 

Leaking water from air conditioners and water heaters can also cause water damage. AC units produce condensation that is supposed to flow out of your unit through the drain line. 

When there is an anomaly in the draining process, the water may leak into the property. An old, poorly installed, or improperly maintained heater, coupled with its high-pressure water, is also likely to develop a leak.

Other common leaks that can cause water damage emergencies in 2022 are leaky faucets, showers, and hoses. Leaky pipes require immediate attention to seal the leaks or replace the affected parts with the help of sump pumps.

#3. Clogged Outlets

Clogging happens when there is an obstruction to the smooth flow of water. The clog can be from accumulated hair, grease, dirt, etc. Bathroom drains, kitchen sinks, toilets, and bathtub drains can easily get clogged and back up. When unattended, it can lead to mini flooding, need for emergency water removal, and Foundation damage.

You can attempt unclogging your toilet with a plunger and an auger if it doesn’t work. Blocks exit to outbound water should be unblocked. You can try picking or pulling out any obstructing obstacles. 

If it does not, pour a bowl of steaming hot water down the drain. This action is an attempt to dissolve the obstruction.

If these are futile, then a professional plumber is necessary.

#4. Damaged Automatic Systems

There are several automatic water dispensing mechanisms available today. Of these, the water sprinkler is the most common. It activates when it detects a fire. 

While necessary, there are times when it would malfunction and work contrary to expectations, gushing out water. We see this malfunction more prevalently in older systems. A malfunction in the workplace can accrue a lot of emergency water damage.

Concerns About Water Damage

While common and recurring, emergency water damage effects are not light. It refers to the various and possible losses caused by water intrusion. 

Water and moisture can lead to mold and bacteria mold growth, wood rot, and rust. It can promote distortion of wall paints, vermin infestation, reduction of building integrity, etc. 

Flooring absorbs water and moisture within a few minutes and humidity build-up within hours. The properties and the water itself also begin deteriorating. In days, foul odors from mold, bacteria, and fungi develop. 

If the standing water is on wood, it swells and begins to split, etc. Within weeks, drywall deteriorates and crumbles. At the same time, the building’s integrity may become questionable in cases of flooding. If a property is left for months in a state of water damage, the damages accrue. Its owner may lose out on the insurance company.

From emergency water shortage to the need for emergency water removal or water extraction and its consequent damages, its effects are money-grubbing and cumulative. And especially so if not promptly and properly attended to.

Take Away

Preventing emergency water damage may be hard. However, knowing the common causes at present allows you to be prepared and reduce flood damage and you can also take assistance from the water damage restoration companies, they provide the best quality services with the water restoration process. The first step to handling emergency water damage is to ensure the safety of you and your possessions. Afterward, stop the water damage.

The water damage restoration services process is of different levels. Thus, while you may be able to contain a few, most require the help of professionals. Addressing it without help may cause even further structural damage. 

We recommend you choose a service that effectively helps solve the problem while offering preventive measures. This action is to ensure there are no repeat cases. If they offer an insured warranty, that’s a bonus.


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