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Ms teams msi silent install

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Installing Microsoft Teams is easy. Getting Teams to silently install, auto login, and по этой ссылке for your environment is a bit more work. By using Group Policy or SCCM, you can have Teams auto starting, running in the background, and visible in the notification areas for all users.

This installer is a little weird. There ms teams msi silent install a few ways to ms teams msi silent install this. You can also use Group Policy. I went with a slightly modified Group Policy method because I do not let programs start automatically from the default Run list. This item adds a run once key that starts the Teams Installer executable on logon. Open your desktop-config. While you are working in Group Policy Preferences, create an item to delete the Microsoft Teams shortcut that is created on the desktop.

Without this, a new Microsoft Teams shortcut is created on every computer that you login on. Ms teams msi silent install are two final customizations to make. Because you set Teams to automatically start and run in the background, you may want it to always appear in the Notification Area clock location in the bottom right. This gives users an easy way to see notifications and open Teams. To do so, use this PowerShell script:. I set the script to run through a Scheduled Task that waits for Ms teams msi silent install.

This allows me to deploy it through Group Policy Preferences and ensure it does not run when someone is using their computer. That is a lot of work for a single app! Hopefully, this guide made it a bit easier for you.

Depending on the route you took, you should now have a Teams setup that is automatically installs, auto starts, runs in the background, and is generally unobtrusive for your users. I was told by MS Support узнать больше a script to modify or centrally set the desktop-config.

That is true — it does control most of the settings for Teams. Also, change the action from update to replace. This will cause it to replace the default file that is created but to not change anything after that. Blog Start Here! First time? Programs are case sensitive. Tea is the correct program name for Microsoft Teams. Write-Host Program not found. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.



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Jul 25,  · Deploying Microsoft Teams Client is pretty straightforward, just run de MSI file with the default ALLUSERS=1 /qn /norestart options to silently install it. Cleaning up Teams If you or a user has already installed Teams with the replace.me file, . Apr 28,  · A regular command line to silently install an MSI should look like this: Msiexec /i /qb! /l*v replace.me The /l*v install parameter is used to create an installation log. Having an installation log is useful because when you run a silent installation, the GUI is hidden and the errors are not shown. Download Microsoft Teams for desktop and mobile and get connected across devices on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Collaborate better with the Microsoft Teams app.



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