Lighthouse Restorations Privacy Policy

We, Lighthouse Restorations, are committed to providing our users and customers with the protection and privacy they require. Our customers are our family, so we take different measures to make them feel at home and make their experience with us safer. 

We believe that transparency is everything. Hence, the given privacy policy will explain everything we collect from you. By agreeing to this privacy policy, you are giving us consent to collect your mentioned information and use it to improve your experience. 

The information will be collected when you are using our website. This privacy policy will explain sections like the information we collect, why we collect your information, surfing on third-party websites, etc. 

Your Information That We Collect

While a user is surfing through Lighthouse Restorations’ website, we collect different types of information from the user. We have clearly explained each type of data below. 

System Information

There is a specific type of information that is not collected intentionally. All the websites you browse collect this information. Firstly, this automatically-collected data includes details about your Internet Protocol. As soon as your computer is connected to the internet, the information about your IP address becomes public. Hence, any website can view and store this information. 

Secondly, we can also get information about the browser you are using. It does not include your browsing history; however, the name, version, and browser type are easily viewable. Thirdly, like other websites on the internet, we can view the date and time when you surfed through our website.

We never use the information mentioned earlier for any harmful use. All this information is either ignored or stored to make your experience fantastic. Such information helps us to know our customers better. Also,  we can get analytics about who our customers are, where they belong and when they visit our website, etc. All this data helps us engage with you at better times and in better ways. 

Your Personal Information

Other than automatically collected information, there is a type of data we intentionally collect. It is a small portion of your data. This personal information includes your name, email address, phone number, and postal code. No other personal details are collected as they are unnecessary for us. 

The above-mentioned personal information is what you provide with your consent. The information is asked when a customer has to use our services. Hence, it is essential to collect. You cannot use our services without communicating with us through phone numbers or email. 

However, we do not collect this personal information if you merely visit our website. You can always learn about our services, team, and work without giving anything. The website is open and available for everyone, and the data only needs to be entered when you order our services or contact us. 


Our transparent policies actively admit that our website uses cookies. Cookies are minute files that help us track your activity while you are on our website. Tracking customer activity helps us grow positively. As soon as you land on our website, the website asks if you want to accept cookies. You can always choose no as an option. However, accepting the cookies won’t cause you any harm. No personal information is collected through cookies. Moreover, not accepting the cookies won’t give you less of an experience. However, we won’t be able to understand you in a better way. 

The purpose of the cookies is to collect customers’ interest, and our priority is understanding what our customer likes and dislikes. Moreover, your data collected by cookies help us design your algorithm, and the algorithm will help us show services and ads of your interest. 

Other than this, cookies also help us remember you. If you have accepted cookies, we will save your information for the next time. So, the next time you visit our page or order our services, you won’t have to re-enter your information. Our database will automatically fill the slots with your previously entered information.

In addition, our marketing gets better with cookies. The more we get to know you, the more we can market our services to you. We want to keep our customers updated on every upcoming product or service. Hence, we email or show them these through cookies.

Third-party Websites

We, as a community, rely on multiple third-party services. Our website may include multiple links that can lead you to other websites or web pages. These web pages or websites might belong to other brands and companies. 

As soon as you are directed to any other website, we are not responsible for your activity. Any information the third party asks for or you give on any third-party website is not our responsibility.

We are only responsible for the activity happening on our website. We will be more than happy to help you with any problem that occurs to you on our website. However, we do not provide any customer service or support for any third party. 

Notwithstanding, we as a team try our best to provide you with as much safety as possible. We always include the links of trusted websites, and do not collaborate or work with any suspicious third-party service. Our team researches and does a lot of homework before connecting to any third party. Hence, you can buffer through any link available on our website, believing it is safe and secure. 

Moreover, you can also complain about our third-party collaborators. To complain, you can connect with our customer support team. The customer support team is available 24/7. We will indeed look into the matter if you did not have a good experience with our third-party collaborators. 

What Do We Do To Provide You With A Safe Environment? 

As mentioned above, we take many measures to provide you with a safe experience. Here are some details that will help you trust us more. 

Security Of Password

The first and the most basic way to secure any information is by applying a password to it. We put strict emphasis on password security, and a customer needs to create a password when creating an account on our website. 

We compel our users to create strong passwords to secure newly created accounts. A customer cannot proceed with a weak password. Firstly, you need to add at least one number to your password. Secondly, the use of any special character is compulsory. Thirdly, you cannot create a password without mixing upper and lower case letters. You can proceed once you have created a password with all the above rules. These rules help you create an uncrackable password for your account.

SSL Encryption Technology

Sometimes, the user has to share their credit card details for online payments. To protect your highly sensitive information, we use SSL technology. It is an encryption technology that does not let any third-party view your details. The end-to-end encryption keeps your information restricted to the path it is following. No third party or even our team can decrypt this information. Hence, your credit card details, bank account details, and any other critical financial information are secure with us.

Moreover, such information is not stored anywhere or stored in encrypted form. Hence, even the person accessing the database won’t be able to understand your details.

Unknown Device Login 

We do not entertain any login from an unknown device. A customer will be identified from the device they always use to login into the account. If any login occurs from a device that is never used, an automatic warning email will be sent to your email address. During this process, the login from an unauthorized device would be stopped.

Until you accept the device via your email address, the other device won’t be logged in. However, once you have accepted the login request, we will save the information about the new device. Hence, the next time you log in with this device, you won’t have to accept any login requests.

The login request helps prevent any unauthorized device from accessing your account. The measures are taken to prevent hacking, theft, login, malware, etc.

Privacy is a big concern, and we take our customers’ privacy very seriously. Hence, to cater to any privacy concerns or any other issues, our customer support team is available 24/7. You can always contact (773)7244732 to connect with our customer service staff. A customer support team member will connect to you immediately, no matter what time it is and what timezone you are in. You can explain all your concerns to the team member.

Moreover, if you have any queries regarding our privacy policy, you are always welcome. We will try our best to resolve your queries and satisfy you as much as possible. If any mishap happens to you on our website, we will immediately take further action and try our best to compensate you.