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Water and Mold Damage Restoration In Long Island, NY

Lighthouse Restorations offers the best damage restoration services for mold and water damage on Long Island.
Be it natural calamities like floods or burst pipes, massive amounts of water can severely damage your property. Not only is it a great inconvenience to the residence, but it may even lead to property loss if not taken care of promptly. Sadly, there are no quick fixes to these issues, which require professional assistance, and that’s what Lighthouse Restorations is here for.

Light House Restoration

We offer highly professional services with guaranteed results within your budget. All you have to do is give us a call, and our team will be on its way to your rescue. So don’t fret over it; just pick up your phone and dial our number.

What Lighthouse Restorations Does Best

Water Damage Restoration

We can restore your property from any structural damage due to a flood, hurricane, or burst pipe and bring it back in perfect condition.

Mold Remediation

We consider molds our enemy and leave no chance of their survival on your property. Not only do we remove them from your house, but we also eradicate their means of growth for a long time.

Why Choose Us For Water Damage On Long Island

Shortcuts are not our thing!

At Lighthouse Restorations, we aim to be thorough and get to the root cause of the problem. Our teams are highly professional, well-trained, and detail-oriented, which helps them guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. As a result, we have earned numerous positive customer reviews for water damage restoration on Long Island, and we will continue to do so. Our equipment is top-notch in the industry, and we keep upgrading it with time to maintain and improve the quality of our service.

The #1 Water Damage Long Island Restoration Services

With the right resources and 24/7 availability, we don’t let mold and water damage worry our people. We aim to give you the peace and comfort of your home, even if nature decides otherwise. So be it heavy rain, flood, or broken main, we can get your property back in its pristine condition within a day. Our experts will be on their way to inspect your house on your first call, and once done, you’ll be informed of the situation and our plan to deal with it. 

Not a dot goes on your wall without your consent. So rest assured, we’ll serve you the best service in town.

Fast Response Time for Local and Professional calls – Open 24/7

The Best Home Restoration Services in Long Island and the Surrounding Areas

We are among the best Long Island fire and water damage restoration companies. With Lighthouse Restorations in town, mold and water damage are no longer a problem. Avail of our professional service at affordable rates.  

What Makes Us Stand Out

Certified Professionals

We have highly qualified professionals ready to help those in need. Since they have served nationwide for a long time, they know their way around every situation. Their efficiency and promptness will surprise you. 

A Wide Insurance Network

We work with various insurance companies and can help you fill out your damaged property claim form if needed. So reach out to us now to get your funds as quickly as possible. 

Emergency Restoration Services

Emergencies can happen anywhere and anytime, so we don’t limit our service durations for water damage remediation in Long Island, NY. You can contact us 24/7; our team will be on its way within minutes.

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