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Water Damage Restoration Queens NY

Lighthouse Restorations proudly serves Queens and its surrounding areas, solving all the problems related to mold and water damage. Contrary to popular belief, natural disasters are not the only culprits behind floods. Even a minor fault in the water line can significantly affect the surrounding area.

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If your house is damaged by a flood and you want quick repairs, look no further and call us. Our team will reach you in a short time and start doing the repairs once you approve. The job won’t take more than 24 hours as our team will work continuously to finish it.

How Lighthouse Restorations Helps You?

Water Damage Restoration 

Our team of professionals is always ready to help restore water damage in the shortest possible time. Whether the water is in your basement or on your roof, we have the equipment to empty those areas in no time. So rest assured that every corner of your house will be completely dry once we finish the job. 

Mold Remediation

Lots of moisture in a closed area can cause mold, and the longer it stays there, the more hazardous it becomes. Lighthouse Restorations has experts with experience in cleaning fresh and black mold. With the right tools, we can do the job in less time without you having to spend much.

Why Choose Us for Queens, NY Water Damage Restoration?

One reason to choose us is our experience in handling structural damage from water and mold. Secondly, our team’s speed in restoring water damage and removing mold is unmatched. The third reason to choose us is the lower rates. We don’t charge obnoxious rates to remain affordable to everyone in need. Moreover, our services are always available, and it won’t take more than two hours to start restoration after the survey.

The Best Local Company For Water Damage Restoration Queens NY

We pride ourselves on providing the best services in the shortest time at the best rates. You can check our reviews to see how satisfied our customers are. We maintain maximum transparency throughout the process and keep our customers informed at every stage. Our team discusses all the procedures before starting, so property owners know what they are opting for. You can call us anytime, and you’ll always find someone there for you. 

The Best Home Restoration Services in Queens and the Surrounding Areas


Reach out to us for the best mold remediation and water damage restoration services.  

Here Is What We Have to Offer


  • Experienced Team and Upgraded Equipment

We have experts with decades of experience in handling water-damaged properties. Their expertise, combined with advanced technology, ensures the best outcome in a short time. So you don’t have to wait for days to restore your house; contact us now to get started. 

  • Emergency Services

The clock starts ticking once you have water damage. You simply cannot wait any longer before beginning the cleanup. Mold and mildew can begin to grow in as little as 24-48 hours.Emergencies don’t come pre-informed, but don’t worry! Lighthouse Restorations offers instant services to help you take care of urgent situations. 

  • Help in an Insurance Claim

Not all water damage properties are covered via insurance. (source). Our advisors can help you get your insurance claim faster since they know how to deal with companies correctly. Tell us about the damage, and we’ll help you quickly prepare the paperwork to receive funds.

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