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Water Damage Restoration

Lighthouse Restorations offers the best water damage restoration service to US residents. Water damage can destroy homes and lead to serious health risks due to mold contamination. According to a source, there are typically 3 types of water damage: rainwater, freshwater and sewage water. We have gained extensive experience over the years from performing restoration projects, and our team can handle projects of varying severity and sizes. Over time, we’ve repaired homes damaged by burst pipes and significant storm-related flooding. 

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What Signs Call For A Water Damage Repair In Your Home?

You do not have to be a water damage restoration expert to know when there’s water damage in your house. Most water damage signs are easy to find, and all you need is the correct information on these signs. Homeowners who are aware of these signs can catch the issues before they create severe problems like property damage and black mold.

Here Are Some Signs 


  • Musty Smells:

Mildew and mold have characteristic odors, which can inform that your house smells musty and requires remediation.

  • Pooled Water:

It’s possible to have water damage in your home if water pools where it shouldn’t. Our team investigates these pools to find out if they have caused structural damage to your home.

  • Mold:

The most revealing sign of water damage is mold infestation. It’s time to call the mold remediation and water damage restoration team at Lighthouse Restorations if you notice any mold in your house.

  • Water Rings On The Ceiling:

Water stains indicate leaks on your home’s roof. Lighthouse Restorations can thoroughly check your roof to determine the leaks.

  • Soft Spots On The Floor:

Water spots are potential signs of water damage, and these water spots indicate the weak spots on your floors. It does not matter whether you have hardwood or carpeted floors; soft spots are never a good sign. Our team can determine whether your home needs water damage repair to reinforce the weak spots on the floor.

  • Foundation Cracks:

You can spot foundation damage early by regularly inspecting your house’s foundation. Once you find traces of water damage, it’s time to call the Lighthouse Restorations team for foundation repair.

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What Are The Consequences Of Home Water Damage?

The impact of water damage on a home depends primarily on the extent of the damage. Understanding how water damage works can help you act quickly to prevent severe damage. You must contact us immediately after significant flooding, because each minute increases the risk of intensifying the damage.

Water damage follows these stages:

  • The damage spreads like the wind. Hence, the risk to your home’s foundation and personal property increases with each minute. Sadly, a saturated carpet can cause any piece of furniture to bleach.
  • Wood furniture in contact with the water will swell after a few hours. Regular household smells grow worse and become amplified.
  • You will perceive musty odors and see fungi after a few days if you don’t act promptly. These signs usually indicate the beginning of a mold outbreak. You will lose your baseboards and floors because they will become warped and unsalvageable. Wood furniture swells until it bends and splits, while wall paint chips off.

How Does Water Damage Repair Work?

Our water damage restoration company uses multi-phase, industry-standard processes for water damage repair. Our team has many years of experience completing water removal projects. We are as quick as we are thorough and ensure all moisture dries before leaving the site. This is how we carry out the water damage restoration project.

  • We begin by removing all standing water from the carpet, floors, walls, and other affected materials using state-of-the-art tools.
  • Once we remove the standing water, our team of sincere water damage professionals proceeds to use dehumidifiers to dry the area. The drying can take several days, depending on the severity of the water damage.
  • We use specialized equipment like moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to measure your home’s moisture level after drying.
  • Finally, our team removes and replaces all housing materials damaged by the water. Flooring, drywall, and ceilings are usually the most affected areas. The repairs may take only a few days or last as long as several weeks, depending on the severity of the damage.

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