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Water Damage Syracuse NY

Lighthouse Restorations is your trusted company for restoring mold and water damage in Syracuse, NY. Contact us if your house has water leakage or is damaged by a flood or storm. It won’t take more than a couple of hours to start restoring your property. Additionally, our packages are incredibly affordable, so you won’t feel the burden. Contact us and share your problem; our team will pay a visit and inform you about the cost and the complete procedure.

Our Services Include

Water Damage Restoration

Lighthouse Restorations is your best solution for water damage restoration as we have experienced people and the best equipment to do the job. Our team will also help move your furniture, and once the job is done, they’ll put it back the same way it was before.

Mold Cleanup

As water stays inside your walls, it can cause mold to grow. If your walls don’t see enough sunlight, the chances are that mold will grow even faster. It doesn’t matter if the mold is new or has turned black; we have the resources to remove the mold, eradicate its root cause, and clean the area.

Why Choose Us

Lighthouse Restorations has thousands of satisfied customers with years of experience cleaning and repairing houses. We know about these problems inside out, and it won’t take much time to rid your home of them. Our team will take 24 hours to finish the job and check the premises for any other water leakage.

Best Local Water Damage Restoration Company Syracuse NY

We gather and train people from the same area; thus, our team always knows about the surroundings and what can cause water damage problems. Gathered water can be electrically charged and can be deadly when in touch (source).You won’t have to explain your situation as our survey team will inspect the property and note the issues themselves. They’ll discuss the problem with you and inform you about the charges, and once you approve, they’ll call the restoration team.

#1 Water Damage Restoration Company In Syracuse, NY

Lighthouse Restorations offers the most extensive restoration services in the area.  

Here Is Why We Are the Best


  • Experienced Team

Our employees go through rigorous training before they start working in the field. As a result, every person on the team visiting you has expertise and experience in their area. It will be done as efficiently as possible, so you won’t need help again for a long time.

  • Seek Help & Claim Insurance

If you require assistance filing an insurance claim, contact us as we work with all the insurance companies in your area. Our experts can help you fill out the form to speed up your claim process.

  • Emergency Services

Lighthouse Restorations is always available to help the residents of Syracuse, NY. We speed up our processes if there is an emergency to attend to as many people as possible in one day.

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